The Rotary Foundation launched Rotary Grants, Formerly known as the Future Vision Plan, on July 1, 2013.
We encourage all Rotarians to become educated on the new grant structure by using the available RI training materials augmented by the additional information provided on this website. If, after considering all of the facts, you wish to support our informational effort or provide other feedback, please click as appropriate. More importantly, please make your feelings known to your district leaders.


The founders of Rotarians Matter Most are senior Rotarians who have spent decades doing the good work of Rotary.  As a group, we have no affiliation with Rotary International, but we are all dedicated Rotarians who have served in leadership positions within our clubs and our districts. We have provided financial support to the Rotary Foundation for many years and all of us are Paul Harris Fellows. Some of us are Major Donors. Individually, we have been recognized for service by our District, The Rotary Foundation, and/or Rotary International.


District 5890 
Steve Coleman

Past President
Angleton, Texas Rotary;
Past President
Danbury, Texas Rotary
(started the club July 2007)
Past President;
22 years perfect attendance;
PHF x 2
(Awards Returned - 2009);
Past District GSE Chair; 
District 3790
Ron Nethercutt

Past President, Past AG
Past District GSE Chair
Past GSE Team Leader
Past Visiting Rotary Professor
TRF Major Donor
RGHF Rotary Hero
Distinguished Service Award
District Information
Communication Officer

District 6760
Bill Phillips

Past President x 2
Past AG
Past AG Coordinator
Past Club Foundation Chair
District Foundation Award
Four Avenues of Service Award
PHF x 9, TRF Major Donor
2004 District Rotarian of the Year
RMM Webmaster

Confessions of a Contrarian Rotarian

District 5890 & 7750
Steve Sokol

Immediate Past Chair
Rotarians on the Internet
World Health Fairs RAG
District Secretary
District Internet
Communication Officer
District Fellowship Chair
PHF + 3 + Wife & Daughter
District 6980 
 Chris Stubbs

Past President, Past AG
District GSE Chair
GSE Team Leader
Distinguished Service Award
Meritorious Service Award

The Following Rotarians Have Also Provided Information For Our Website

Jim Johnston PDG-District 6760, RI President's Representative in 2009, RI Service Above Self Award Recipient

Madhukar Malhotra PDG District 3080, DRFC 2013-16

We are honored to have many distinguished supporters. 

 Please click here if you would like to join this list.

1040 - David Mason, President, Rotary Club of Ilkley Wharfedale

1070 – Stephen Bath, Past President, Past District Polio Officer, PHF

1090 -- Stuart Armstrong, Past President, Club Foundation Chair, Past GSE Team Leader

1100 - Bob Griffiths, Secretary, President Elect, Past President x 5, PHF

1120 – Bashir Khanbhai, Past President

1170 – Sarah Watts, Past President

1220 – David Biggs, Vice President

1570 – Theo Kok, Past District Foundation Chair, Past District Group Study Exchange Chair, Past District Secretary, Past President, Club Foundation Chair

1620 – Eric Charlez, Past President, PHF +2

1870 – Ulrich Kreutzer, RC Duisburg Rhein-Ruhr

1880 – Ulrich Scheib, Past President, Past Secretary, PHF

2240 & 1420 & 1210 – Linda Mottram - Past member RC Tallinn International D1420, Past member RC Prague International D2240, Member of RC Etruria D1210, Past President RC Etruria, Paul Harris Fellow, Chair of International at RC Etruria.

2390 - Sven-Thore Holm, Charter Past President, Paul Harris Fellow

2470 – Daniel Counio, Past President

2484-Alex Drougas, Past President, Past District Grant Subcommittee Chair, PHF X 2

2490- Nora Gotesdiner, Club Services Chair, Re-Club 4500, Past PR Rotalatino, R e-Club Latinamerica Launcher and Past Secretary (in charge of presidency) 

3030 - Dilip Kolhatkar, Past President, Major Donor, Rotary Volunteer in Four Countries, TRF Humanitarian Grants Technical Advisor and Interim Monitor

3131 & 7210 – (Hon) Subhash Saraf, Past District Governor, Past District Foundation Chair, Major Donor 2nd Level, Numerous Awards at Club & District Level, RLI Outstanding Achievement Award

3201 - Dr. Mani Raghavan, Past President, Past Assistant Governor

3230 - Kannan V C , Past President, PHF, Club Bulletin Editor

3240 - Sandeep Bhalotia, President

3260 - Aswini Kar, Past District Governor, Major Donor & Bequest Society Member, Asst. Rotary Coordinator Zone 4&6A, District Trainor(2004-05,2007-08,2012-13 Cadre Advisor & Financial Auditor, TRF Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Technical Reviewer, Regional Vice President South West Asia- ITHF National Coordinator Heart Surgery, Rotary India Humanity Foundation Director Membership-ITHF District International Committee Chair District Grant Sub-Committee Chair Recipiant of Service above Self Award and Citation for Meritorious Service Award, Rotary International Membership Zone Coordinator (RIMZC) for 2006-08, District Foundation Committee Chair (2004-07)

3271 - Rasheed K. Siddiqi, Past President, Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

3280 – Mohammed Rezaul Karim, Past President, Rotary Club of Chittagong Sagorika, AG, Zone Coordinator, District Committee   

3300 - Cheng Lim Lioh, Past President

3310 -- Ho Loon Shin, Past President, PHF, 'RI Service Above Self Award' 2009 

3340 – Martin Brands, Charter/Past President; PHFx9; initiator/fundraiser/project manager of around 30 large MG projects & several large non-MG projects; many years Club Director; advisor to Zone & District leaders; extensive communication with RI Leaders and TRF; MG specialist; major financial contributor to Club & District; teacher on TRF topics; debater of RI & TRF performance; supporter & host counselor of the Rotary Peace Studies Center in Bangkok

3780 - Jesse Tanchanco, Past President, Multiple PHF, Most Outstanding Rotarian (Club level) 7X, Chairman, Club Grants Committee RC Loyola Heights, Past District Secretary, Past Senior Deputy District Secretary, Past Senior AG, Past AG 3X, Past GSE District Committee Over-all Chairman, District 3780 Rotarian of the Year 2X, Most Outstanding District officer 2X, Avenue of Service Awardee, Vice Chairman, District Grants Sub Committee

3790 - Antonio T. Bautista, M.D., Past President, Past GSE Team Leader, Past GSE District Chair, Past Club TRF Subcommittee Chair, Past Club Matching Grants Chair, PHF

3790 - Ron Nethercutt, Past President, Past AG, Past District GSE Chair, Past GSE Team Leader, Past Visiting Rotary Professor, TRF Major Donor, RGHF Rotary Hero, Distinguished Service Award, District Information Communication Officer

3790 – Glo Nethercutt, Past President, District Grants Chair, District Webmaster and GML Editor, TRF Major Donor, Rotarians on the Internet (ROTI) Rotian of the Year

3790 – Jess S. Nicdao – Past District Governor, TRF Major Donor (2nd level), District Rotary Foundation Chair, District Trainer, GSE Team Leader, Distinguished Service Award

3790 – Raul Peralta, Past President, Past AG, PHF, GSE Team Leader

3790 – May Shilton, Past President, AG x 2, Major Donor, Paul Harris Society District Chair, Past District GSE Chair, Past GSE Team Leader, Past District Chair for Annual Giving, District Chair for TRF Scholarship, Member – District Nominating Committee, Chair for TRF funded Medical/Surgical Program, Radio Host of The Rotary Hour for 10 Years

3790 – Tony Shilton, Past President, Major Donor, Paul Harris Society Member, Club Rotaract/Interact Chair, District Chair Friendship Exchange, Radio Co-Host of The Rotary Hour for 4 Years

4420 - Deborah M.A.R.G.Perrone, Past President, PHF, Distinguished Service Award

4240 - Eugenia Echeverría, Past Youth Exchange Student, Past President, Past AG, Past District Youth Exchange Chair, Past GSE Team Leader, Past Chair District Sub- Committee for the Rotary Foundation, PHFx2, Primary Host Contact in over 12 Matching Grants.

4815 - Dra. Margarita Elizabeth Magi, RC Plaza Colón, President x 2 (2011-2012/2012-2013)

5000 - Joe Schopen, Past President, Past AG, Foundation chair (3 clubs), current TRF chair with club achieving Triple Crown plus double qualifying 100% PHF,  TRF Outstanding Dedication and Service Award (D5520), TRF Regional Coordinator (D5510).  PHF+9, Major Donor, Bequest Society Member

5050 - Julie Johansen, Past President, PHF x3, Bequest Society

5150 - Jon B. Grant, RC of Foster City, CA USA. PDG (94-95), Past Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (RRFC), Past Zone Coordinator for Jobs for Disabled Task Force, RI Membership Development, RI Education and Training Task Force, International Assembly Training Leader. TRF Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service awards. RI Four Avenues of Service and Service Above Self awards. Have authored or helped write over 250 TRF Matching Grants including 102 for wheelchairs totaling over $8,200,000. Is a PHF, PHF Society, White Hat, Multiple Major Donor (4 Diamond) and Arch Klumpf Society member. “I have withdrawn my 6 Diamond ($1,000,000+) Bequest pledge because of the direction TRF is taking with this "Future Vision".

5870 - William W Morgan, Past President, Past Asst Governor, Chair of 3 Avenues of Service, Member of the 4th Ave, RI Four Avenues of Service Citation for Individual Rotarians, Rotarian of the Year, 5870 Roll of Honor, PHF x 6, 5870 District Conference Sgt at Arms, Benefactor of Permanent Fund, Advisor to eight Ambassadorial Scholars, Host to GSE member, four of the PHF Presented by RI Presidents


5890 – Steve Coleman, Past President – Angleton, Texas Rotary; Past President - Danbury, Texas Rotary (started the club July 2007) - Past President; 22 years perfect attendance; PHF x 2 (Awards Returned - 2009); Past District GSE Chair

5890 – Hilmar Zeissig, District GSE Chair (fifteen years), District International Chairman (fifteen years), RI Service Above Self Award, District Service Award, District Rotarian of the Year, and many other club & district awards

 5890 & 7750 – Steve Sokol, Immediate Past Chair-Rotarians on the Internet, Webmaster World Health Fairs RAG, District Secretary, District Internet Communication Officer, District Fellowship Chair, PHF + 3 + Wife & Daughter

6440 -- Kevin Killion, Past President, (Chicago Area )

6460 - Martin  McGee  (Mac), Past President, Past Assistant Governor, District Grants Subcommittee Chair, World Community Service (WCS) District Chair, Heart of America -Rotary Leadership Institute - Faculty D6460, Benefactor PHF Society (MPHF +7) RLI Graduate - Discussion Leader, Rotarian of the Year (District 3790)

6490 - Drake Zimmerman, Past District Foundation Chair,  Major Donor level 2, Co Founder Rotarians Action Group on Malaria and Alliance for Malaria Prevention (+ several other local, national and international groups), 1996 Rotarian of the Year, Hall of Honor and other District and Club level, Community and Regional awards

6630 – Robert Ault, President Elect, Past Secretary, Past Treasurer, Past Chair of the District Vocational Service Committee, PHF+1 and Benefactor

6760 - James L. Johnston, Centennial Governor 2004-2005, RI President's Representative 2009, Past Club President, Past Club Treasurer, Past District Treasurer, Past Assistant Governor, Past District Secretary, District Rotarian of the Year-1998-99, Zones 30-31 GETS Facilitator, District Leadership Academy Faculty, HOA-RLI Facilitator and Treasurer, Treasurer-District Youth Exchange, District Humanitarian Award-2010-11, GSE Team Leader to Provence-South of France-2007, RI Service Above Self Award-2011-2012, Project Manager & Treasurer-Honduras Projects, PHFx9, RI Foundation Major Donor

6760 - Bill Phillips, Past President x 2, Past AG, Past AG Coordinator, Past Club Foundation Chair, District Foundation Award, Four Avenues of Service Award, PHF x 9, TRF Major Donor, 2004 District Rotarian of the Year

6780 - Don Alexander, President, PHF x 2 

6950 - Eugene L. Beil, Past District Governor, Past Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Past Assistant Governor, Past District Group Study Exchange Chair, Past District Benefactor Chair, Past President Rotary club of Hudson, Perfect Attendance for 28 years, Paul Harris Fellow, Major Donor, Bequest Society Member, TRF Citation For Meritorious Service recipient 

6960 - Jerry R. Moore, Treasurer, Rotary Club of Fort Myers East

6980 - Barry W. Gainer, Past Pres., Past ADG, Past District 6980 New Generations Chair, 5 X Paul Harris Fellow, Paul Harris Sustaining Member, Benefactor, DG Nominating Committee

6980 - Clark Gwinn,  Past: Club President, Past AG, Past GSE Chair, GSE Team Leader twice, Homestay Chair, District Scholarship Chair,  PHFx8, RF Meritorious Service Award, AG of the year, Family of Rotary award

6980 – Stuart Jones, Past President

6980 - Donna Loader, Past President, PHF+1, Benefactor, Sustaining Member, Ex-Rotarian

6980 - Richard H. (Rick) Mann, Past president (two terms), Past AG

6980 - Rick Russi, Past President, Past AG, PHF, Sustaining Member, Rotarian of the Year

6980 – Tony Russi, Past District Governor, Past President, PHF, Sustaining Member

6980 - Chris Stubbs, Past President, Past AG, District GSE Chair, GSE Team Leader, Incoming District Grants Chair, PHFx9, TRF Major Donor, Distinguished Service Award, Meritorious Service Award

7010 – Dr. Mohammed Saigar, President

7070 - Renata Pancini, Past President, Secretaryx2, Chair Club Public Relations, Chair Club Service Projects x2, Club Treasurer, District Foundation Recognition, RI Donor

7170 - Brian Hickey – Past President, Club Vocational Service Chair, Past Club Foundation Chair, Past Club International Service Chair, Paul Harris Society, PHF x 9, TRF Major Donor

7490 – Sophie Stone, President Elect, Paul Harris Fellow, Rotarian of the Year 2011-12

7670 – Bill Parker, Past District Governor, Past Assistant Governor, Past District Information Division Manager, Past President. Paul Harris Society, PHF x6, Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Facilitator

7890 - Fred Ley, Past President x 2, Past DGR 10 yrs, District Foundation Award, Past Distict Newsletter Editor 10 yrs, Past Club Webmaster, Club Foundation Chair, PHF x 9, Club Service Above Self Award

7890 - Kyong Wilson, Club Founder, Past President, Club Secretary, District Governor Nominee Designate 2015-2016, District Friendship Fellowship Chair, Past District Global Quest Area Coordinator, Past District Nominating Committee, Past District Foundation Area Coordinator, Distinguished Service Award, PHF x2, Bequest Society  

7980 - Tari Marshall-Day, President, PHF x 2 

7980 – Ted Wrobel, Past President X2, PHF X 7, Foundation Chair

9125 - Olugbenga Oke,  Secretary, Rotary Club of Asokoro, Member, District 9125 Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee

9140 -  Raphael N Okigbo, Charter President, Rotary Club Awka Metropolis, PHF+1

9270 to become 9370 - Anthony Connolly, Past District Governor, Past President x 2, Past Foundation Chair, Past GSE chair, Past District Conference Chair, Past District Trainer, Four Avenues of Service Award , PHF x 5

9350 – Mervyn D. Cole, President

9350 – Rob Koch, Past President x 2

9350 - John Satchel, PDG, GSE Team Leader, PHF

9350 - Lesley Satchel, Past-President, District Interact Chairman, PHF x 2

9370 - W. D. Mills, Past ADG, Past President, District Service Award

9400 - Kim Geyser, Past President

9400 - Maria Clara MP Keil, President

9910 – Norm Winterbottom, Past District Chair Vocational & International Committees, VP – Rotarians On The Internet, Board Member Rotary Global History Fellowship, Member 1905 Society, International Computer Users Fellowship, Founder of Rotary New Zealand Science and Technology Forum

9930 - Kevyn D Moore QSM (Queens Service Medal for charitable works), PHF x 2, GSE team member, past chair district incoming GSE committee, founder Gourmet Experience ( a Taradale Rotary organized food & wine show) Chair Oliver Smales memorial Trust (a Taradale Rotary charitable trust for the benefit of ill and premature babies), Organiser of Bragato Student Exchange with Italy (a Taradale Rotary organised exchange of students studying wine sciences), organiser of Taradale Rotary gala dinners and celebrity auctions,  past chair Kel Tremain Memorial Education Trust (a Taradale Rotary charitable trust advancing youth education, past chair Camp Kaitawa Trust ( a Taradale Rotary charitable trust providing outdoor education for primary school students).