The Rotary Foundation launched Rotary Grants, Formerly known as the Future Vision Plan, on July 1, 2013.
We encourage all Rotarians to become educated on the new grant structure by using the available RI training materials augmented by the additional information provided on this website. If, after considering all of the facts, you wish to support our informational effort or provide other feedback, please click as appropriate. More importantly, please make your feelings known to your district leaders.


"In Our Humble Opinion"

In the executive overview, we observe that The Rotary Foundation is transitioning from being "A Foundation that Supports Rotarians" into a "Foundation Supported By Rotarians".  We call this a Reversal of Roles, and as of 2015, it appears that this trend is accelerating.
The stated mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. Over the years, the relationship between TRF and RI has been one of equals where Rotarians provide financial support and sweat equity while TRF provides funding and services to enable Rotarian led projects, international exchanges, and scholarships.  It was a relationship that fully justified the claim that TRF was "Our Foundation". In recent years, however, The Rotary Foundation has been transitioning itself to become a more visible player in the philanthropic world, and in so doing TRF has phased out many of the services that were provided to Clubs and Districts. TRF has transitioned in good measure from an organization that supported Rotarians and Rotarian led projects into an organization that expects support from Rotarians in order to achieve its own goals and those of its global partners. We believe this constitutes a Reversal of Roles between the two entities.
During his speech to incoming District Governors at the 2015 International Assembly, incoming Trustee Chair Ray Klinginsmith requested Governors to adopt a measurable goal  "to increase the number of clubs achieving the 100 percent Every Rotarian, Every Year recognition fundraising level by 15 percent in all districts….”. He also announced that “The Foundation aims to develop at least two initiatives to recognize and publicize the need for membership growth in clubs and districts. Klinginsmith said the Trustees realized that Rotary cannot continue to provide larger and more sustainable projects unless clubs themselves become bigger”. We agree that these goals are laudable and that they will undoubtedly garner support from Rotarians from across the globe; but the fact of the matter is that they are being driven from The Rotary Foundation which constitutes a Reversal of Roles.
A more tangible change is the implementation of The Rotary Foundation’s Future Vision initiative.  As stated in the Executive Overview, TRF has phased out popular programs including GSE, Matching Grants, and Ambassadorial Scholarships. Matching Grants that funded the humanitarian projects preferred by clubs and districts have been replaced by larger and more difficult to obtain Global Grants which limit funding to top driven areas of focus and impose onerous reporting requirements. Together these make projects larger, more complex, difficult to administer, and most importantly the new rules raise the funding bar above the ability of individual clubs to achieve.


Joint adoption of this TRF centric model is the strongest evidence of all that there is a Reversal of Roles between RI and TRF.