The Rotary Foundation launched Rotary Grants, Formerly known as the Future Vision Plan, on July 1, 2013.
We encourage all Rotarians to become educated on the new grant structure by using the available RI training materials augmented by the additional information provided on this website. If, after considering all of the facts, you wish to support our informational effort or provide other feedback, please click as appropriate. More importantly, please make your feelings known to your district leaders.

TRF has reported that 96% of district leaders from non-pilot districts have reported their support for Future Vision, but that following intensive training, only 80% feel that they are sufficiently prepared to implement the new sustainability requirements.  Of this group, 35% have reported that sustainability will be difficult to implement in their districts. 100% minus 20% insufficiently trained minus 28% with difficulty (35% of 80% = 28%) leaves 52% feeling adequately trained and able to implement without difficulty.

Mathematically:   (1.00 x .80) - (.35 x .80) =  .80 - .28 = .52 = 52%

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